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2016 Reviewed and a Look Ahead

Posted by Chris Aylott

It's almost the new year, and a good time to take a step back. How did 2016 stack up for the San Marcos Board Gamers?


Mare Nostrum: Empires Review

Posted by Chris Aylott

Mare Nostrum is back! It took about a year from the initial Kickstarter announcement, but copies landed in backers hands this summer and we're played it our our June and July meetups. So how does the Academy Games edition of this grail game stand up?


Mare Nostrum Returns!

Posted by Chris Aylott

The "short civilization game" is one of the Holy Grails of board game design, and designer Serge Laget took a pretty good shot at it twelve years ago with Mare Nostrum. His take on taking over the Mediterranean got a fair bit of play in its time, but it's been out of print for years and very hard to find.

Well-regarded game? Long out of print? Old copies being offered for nearly $200 on eBay? This sounds like a job for Kickstarter.