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Last Night at Cephas House: 5/11/17

Posted by Chris Aylott

We had some classic games out last night at our Cephas House meetup, including the old Knizia favorite Through the Desert:

Check out the event listing for more pictures, and join us next Thursday night for our next meetup!

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Fuji Flush Adds New Twist to Numbers Games

Posted by Chris Aylott

fuji flush

There are hundreds of card games built around numbers. You match them in poker and crazy eights. You order them in trick-taking and ladder games. It's hard to imagine that there are any new twists on number card games left to be found -- and then a game like Fuji Flush comes along.

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Thursday Night Gaming at Cephas House!

Posted by Chris Aylott

Cephas House

The San Marcos Board Gamers have a new venue! On Thursday, January 12, we start weekly meetups at Cephas House, a community center run by the City of San Marcos. Our official time is from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, and we have a little wiggle room for long games.

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Bohnanza Celebrates 20 Years, New Bean

Posted by Chris Aylott

A local-favorite card game reaches its 20th anniversary in 2017, and Amigo Spiele is celebrating with a special edition. Bohnanza: 20 Jahre adds a new look and a new bean to the game later this year.

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2016 Reviewed and a Look Ahead

Posted by Chris Aylott

It's almost the new year, and a good time to take a step back. How did 2016 stack up for the San Marcos Board Gamers?

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Is Evolution: Climate a Game Changer?

Posted by Chris Aylott

Evolution: Climate

Evolution has become a local staple. I've taught it to all kinds of players who love the mix of simplicity and strategy. But can Evolution: Climate create a more strategic "gamer's" experience without losing accessibility?

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Learn Catan at Our Library Meetup!

Posted by Chris Aylott

Our next library meetup is this Sunday, September 19, and we're trying out something new. In addition to our usual open gaming, we're teaching a featured game: Catan!

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The Top 5 Star Trek Board Games

Posted by Chris Aylott

"The Man Trap" premiered on September 8, 1966, which means that Star Trek has been living long and prospering for fifty years! If you'd like to celebrate with a board game and something... green...  here are five great choices.

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Vast is Fun But Oh That Learning Curve

Posted by Chris Aylott

Vast: the Crystal Caverns is one of those high-concept games that you really want to see work. It takes a hoary old theme -- dungeon crawls! -- and reinvigorates it with clever gameplay and visual designs. The question is: is Vast too clever for its own good?

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Is Lanterns a Carcassonne Killer?

Posted by Chris Aylott

Lanterns has made a splash over the last year, earning plenty of great reviews and awards nominations. It's a "lay tiles for points" game that looks a lot like Carcassonne, but is Lanterns likely to dethrone that classic game?

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