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Fuji Flush Adds New Twist to Numbers Games

Posted by Chris Aylott

fuji flush

There are hundreds of card games built around numbers. You match them in poker and crazy eights. You order them in trick-taking and ladder games. It's hard to imagine that there are any new twists on number card games left to be found -- and then a game like Fuji Flush comes along.


Dominion Online Relaunches

Posted by Chris Aylott

Dominion Online has had a checkered history. First announced almost three years ago, the game went through delays, missed released dates, and a beta that can charitably described as troubled. Then a new publisher stepped in, and the game relaunched a few weeks ago in tablet and web version. So how is it looking now?


In Praise of Bohnanza

Posted by Chris Aylott

I'm spending some time up in Massachusetts consulting for HitPoint Studios, and one of the many things I like about the company is its game night. They get together every other week to share new games and old favorites, which gave me a great excuse to introduce them to Bohnanza.