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Too Many Cinderellas Review

Posted by Chris Aylott

Our last library meetup was mostly spent with Mare Nostrum, but another game also made a short visit to the table. Can there be such a thing as Too Many Cinderellas


Mare Nostrum: Empires Review

Posted by Chris Aylott

Mare Nostrum is back! It took about a year from the initial Kickstarter announcement, but copies landed in backers hands this summer and we're played it our our June and July meetups. So how does the Academy Games edition of this grail game stand up?


Dominion Online Relaunches

Posted by Chris Aylott

Dominion Online has had a checkered history. First announced almost three years ago, the game went through delays, missed released dates, and a beta that can charitably described as troubled. Then a new publisher stepped in, and the game relaunched a few weeks ago in tablet and web version. So how is it looking now?


Busy September!

Posted by Chris Aylott


Earlier this year, I asked what the group should be doing more of. Based on our September events, it looks like the answer is: lots!

We're halfway through the month we've had plenty of meet-ups, including special game nights devoted to Settlers of Catan and chess. There's even momentum building up for gatherings built around Dungeons & Dragons and the Pathfinder roleplaying games.

The Hungry Gamer deserves a lot of credit for this activity. They've been proactive about organizing a variety of game nights, and their efforts have paid off. Hopefully this partnership will continue to benefit both local gamers and their mission of selling delicious sandwiches.

More September Fun

We've also got our monthly library meet-up chugging along, and we did our first Playtest Prototypes meet-up at the end of August. This playtest was a big help to me and another local designer, and it looks like there's interest in doing more.

We've also gotten a opportunity to playtest an upcoming game from two of the hobby's hottest designers. We'll be focusing on this game during our September playtest session and running some special sessions over the next few weeks.

Finally, I'm looking into the Envoy program. This marketing program partners with publishers, retailers, and game groups to set up game demonstrations. If the program is as good as it looks, then it could be a fun way to explore new games from some of the medium-sized publishers in the hobby.

Overall, September is looking like a great month. Let's keep the fun rolling throughout the fall!


How Exploding Kittens exploded

Posted by Chris Aylott

Exploding Kittens is just an okay game, but there's an interesting story behind it. Here's the Toronto Star's version.

Splendor App is a Worthy Recreation

Posted by Chris Aylott


There's no question that Splendor is one of the most popular board games of the last year. But how does the official app adaptation from Days of Wonder hold up for board gamers?


Does “Evolution: Flight” Soar?

Posted by Chris Aylott

Evolution: Flight always had a hard task ahead of it. Like the birds it brings into Evolution, this expansion to the popular 2014 game from North Star Games had no margin for error.


Armello Digital Board Game Coming Soon

Posted by Chris Aylott

We live in a wonderful time when hobby board gaming is growing larger and larger. Alongside the rise in popularity of board games, there are also the popular video game adaptations of those board games. Unfortunately, this adaptation market is pretty good at best, and terrible at worst. There's been no innovation in the digital board…


Why Are My Kickstarter Releases On Time?

Posted by Chris Aylott

A few days ago, I received shipping notifications for the releases of Tesla vs. Edison and Evolution: Flight. My first thought was "yay!" And my second thought was, "I hope I can keep up with all my new games?" And my third thought was "What's with all these game releases happening all at once?"


Compounded Proves Chemistry Can Be Kid’s Stuff

Posted by Chris Aylott

My four-year-old sets off lab fires. Fortunately, it's only in the context of Compounded, a clever little chemistry game from Dice Hate Me Games.