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Busy September!

Posted by Chris Aylott


Earlier this year, I asked what the group should be doing more of. Based on our September events, it looks like the answer is: lots!

We're halfway through the month we've had plenty of meet-ups, including special game nights devoted to Settlers of Catan and chess. There's even momentum building up for gatherings built around Dungeons & Dragons and the Pathfinder roleplaying games.

The Hungry Gamer deserves a lot of credit for this activity. They've been proactive about organizing a variety of game nights, and their efforts have paid off. Hopefully this partnership will continue to benefit both local gamers and their mission of selling delicious sandwiches.

More September Fun

We've also got our monthly library meet-up chugging along, and we did our first Playtest Prototypes meet-up at the end of August. This playtest was a big help to me and another local designer, and it looks like there's interest in doing more.

We've also gotten a opportunity to playtest an upcoming game from two of the hobby's hottest designers. We'll be focusing on this game during our September playtest session and running some special sessions over the next few weeks.

Finally, I'm looking into the Envoy program. This marketing program partners with publishers, retailers, and game groups to set up game demonstrations. If the program is as good as it looks, then it could be a fun way to explore new games from some of the medium-sized publishers in the hobby.

Overall, September is looking like a great month. Let's keep the fun rolling throughout the fall!


How to Suggest a Meetup

Posted by Chris Aylott

Some of our members have been asking how to start up some new events such as roleplaying games. This is great! Our organizers are busy with work, kids, and other lamentable aspects of real life, so none of us gets to put together as many events as we would like. Here's how to suggest a meetup for the group.


April Library Meetup Roundup!

Posted by Chris Aylott

The dead were on the loose at our April library meetup! Fortunately, they were the polite sort and let us get in some other games too.

Short and evil were the order of the day early on, as The DukeHey! That's My Fish and Quicksand hit the table. Hey! That's My FIsh has sassy penguin figures and looks like it should be cute and adorable, but it's really a cutthroat game of carving out territory and leaving all the other penguins stranded.

Quicksand is just as vicious -- it's a race game where everybody pretends they're helping each other to the finish line, all the while looking for ways to get their own pawn out ahead and strand the others.

The pawn that will win the game for you is a secret, so there's a bluffing element, and I'm proud to say I had my own daughter fooled all game about which piece I was secretly rooting for. I'm not quite as proud about the fact that my pawn finished near the back of the pack, though.

Fleeing the dead at our April library meetup.

Fleeing the dead at our April library meetup.

Dead Panic was the big game of the afternoon. Its older brother Castle Panic is a local favorite, so we were eager to give this one a try. We were actually a little tripped up by our knowledge of Castle Panic -- the systems are just different enough that knowing the rules of the first game makes it harder to learn the new one.

The first round was a bit of a slog as a result, but the pace picked up as soon as we actually knew what we're doing. It's a fun game with lots of opportunities for roleplaying and zombie mayhem, so I suspect it'll be hitting the table again.

This week is a busy one for the group -- the April library meetup was yesterday and we have more Games at the Hungry Gamer tomorrow! Those Tuesday gatherings are off to a good start -- look for them to happen every couple of weeks, and we'll see you back at the San Marcos Public Library on May 18!


Last Month at Game Meetup

Posted by Chris Aylott

I've got a new game in that awkward stage where it needs lot of attention, so I'm just now catching up with an roundup of our October Library Meetup. Here we go!

The brave souls who (barely!) survived Castle Panic.

The brave souls who (barely!) survived Castle Panic.

Attendance was light last month, but we got in some great games. Our Castle Panic game was just about as close to defeat as you can get, with just one wall and one tower standing when the last monsters were defeated! I'd love to get in another game soon using the Wizard's Tower expansion.

The next game to hit the table was Sour Apples to Apples, a extra-goofy variant of an already silly game. In addition to picking the best card, the judge also picks a worst card, who has to click the green apple spinner and pay a small penalty. Messing with the apple is so much fun that you have the incentive to play the worst card you can.

Ninjas, Robots, and Dinosaurs With Lasers battle for the city cemetary in Smash Up

Ninjas, Robots, and Dinosaurs With Lasers battle for the city cemetery in Smash Up

Smash Up was the last game to hit the table, and it is a hoot. (It's a very popular lunchtime game at work, because it plays fast and has zombies and ninjas in it.) The concept is ridiculously simple and fun: there are eight different decks, each with a gamer-beloved theme like aliens or robots. Pick two decks, put them together and beat up the opponents' decks!

All and all, it was a fun afternoon, and this report is so late that our November meetup is just around the corner. Join us Sunday, November 24 at 1 p.m. at the San Marcos Public Library for more fun and games!


Our October 27 Meetup is this Sunday

Posted by Chris Aylott

Ghost and goblins attend! Our October 27 meetup at the San Marcos Public Library is almost here!

trick r treat

Expect the usual board gaming shenanigans, plus a few holiday games like Trick 'r Treat. Smash Up and Sour Apples to Apples are expected to be on the table, and who knows what other games will show up?

The October 27 meetup is at the usual 1:00 p.m., and don't forget that our November meetup is coming up on the Sunday before Thanksgiving!

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This is a test.

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Nothing to see here, thanks.

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