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Thursday Night Gaming at Cephas House!

Posted by Chris Aylott

Cephas House

The San Marcos Board Gamers have a new venue! On Thursday, January 12, we start weekly meetups at Cephas House, a community center run by the City of San Marcos. Our official time is from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, and we have a little wiggle room for long games.


Armello Digital Board Game Coming Soon

Posted by Chris Aylott

We live in a wonderful time when hobby board gaming is growing larger and larger. Alongside the rise in popularity of board games, there are also the popular video game adaptations of those board games. Unfortunately, this adaptation market is pretty good at best, and terrible at worst. There's been no innovation in the digital board…


Who Wants to Get Molecular?

Posted by Chris Aylott

A few weeks ago, I wondered what new things we could get up to as a group. Well, how about spending some of our next meetup playing and reviewing a new, unpublished game called Molecular before it even hits Kickstarter?


A new place to game in Seguin!

Posted by Sarah Childs

childs play final

I know a few of the San Marcos Gamers group have told me they are from Seguin and they felt there was no place out there to get together and play games.  Well, that all looks like it's going to change with the opening of the new comic shop, Black Forest Comics


Group Video Time!

Posted by Chris Aylott

Our group had a videographer from the San Marcos Daily Record come by a few weeks ago, and the video is now up on Youtube. Check it out!



February Meetup Next Week!

Posted by Chris Aylott

Our February Meetup at the San Marcos Public Library is just one week away! We seem to be shaking off the winter doldrums, and turnout is looking good on our Meetup Group. But whatever shall we play?

Come play Robo Rally at our February Meetup!

Master the Robo Rally maze at our February Meetup!

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I've been having the urge to drag out Robo Rally. This was Richard Garfield's first big game, the one that upstart RPG publisher Wizards of the Coast liked but didn't have the money to publish. (They asked him to come up with something a little more affordable to produce. He did.)

I've always loved Robo Rally, because it is simultaneously a race game and a puzzle. You have a robot with a laser, which is a good start for any game. You have to get the robot from here to there, but you have a limited selection of movement cards... and you have to program them in advance.

Even after twenty (!) years, I still enjoy watching people do the Robo Rally Shuffle -- they look at the cards in their hands, then sway back and forth and and almost unconsciously take steps around the table as they try to figure out how the cards will move their little robots around the board. It's a brainburner and a hoot, especially when the moves go wrong and your little robots plummet into pits of no return.

What else will we play? I have my eye on Ticket to Ride Europe, which has Sochi on the map for a fun Olympics tie-in. The original Ticket to Ride is also ten years old this year, which is a good reason to play a lot of it and its siblings. But the best games are the unexpected ones that show up in the hands of our fellow players -- so what do you want to play?


January Meetup in Just Two Weeks!

Posted by Chris Aylott

Have you gotten your 2014 gaming started yet? If not, our January Meetup is just two Sundays away! Join us January 26 at 1 p.m. at our usual room in the San Marcos Public Library!

Bring on the rescue dog!

Cry havoc at our January Meetup,
and let slip the dogs of rescue!

As always, what we play is highly dependent on who shows up and who is in the mood for what. We try to have a good range of games, from party games to strategy games, so there's something for every taste. However, lately I've had a hankering out get out a favorite from last year: Flash Point: Fire Rescue.

Flash Point is a cooperative game in which you play firefighters trying to rescue ordinary citizens from a burning building. It's simple to play, but it does a brilliant job of making you feel like a firefighter. It's also had several successful expansions, and we got the Extreme Danger expansion just a little bit before Christmas. I know my daughter is itching to finally play the rescue dog!

Hopefully the new year is off to a great start for everyone, and the only fires you're fighting are in games. We'll see you at the January meetup!



Attend a Charity Convention This Weekend!

Posted by Chris Aylott

Game for the Cause is almost here! I wrote this charity convention up a couple of months ago, but here's a recap if you missed it. You can also read about the event on its blog.

Game for the CauseGame for the Cause is a new charity convention inspired by the example of Give to Game. It benefits SafePlace, which works with the Austin, TX community to end sexual and domestic violence. SafePlace has helped hundreds of people in the area over the last few years, and this is a great chance to help out a good cause.

Game for the Cause will be held on October 18 and 19 at the Parker Lane United Methodist Church in Austin. Membership is only $20 per person, with all the money going to SafePlace. If you’re in town and have some time to spare, this looks like a great way to spend the weekend!


November Meetup and BGGcon!

Posted by Chris Aylott

Our November Meetup is now on the schedule! Join us at the San Marcos Public Library on Sunday, November 24 at 1:00 p.m. for the usual games and tomfoolery. This is the weekend before Thanksgiving, reducing the odds that we'll be in turkey comas and unable to play.

BGGcon: a little larger than our November meetup.

BGGcon: a little larger than our November meetup.

That Sunday is also the same weekend as Board Game Geek Con, an annual gathering of board gamers in Dallas. I've been to a lot of conventions over the years, and this is one of the best. Despite its size, it's aggressively laid-back, with most of the space devoted to open gaming. There's also a huge library to borrow games from, making it easy to make new friends and try out new games at the same time.

I have an ... interesting ... history with BGGcon. I've registered for the convention five times, but only been able to attend three times. The other two cons I spent at home, laid low by sickness or other circumstances.

I'm registered this year, but the pattern says that I'm due for a karmic smackdown that will prevent me from going. Assuming I can avoid that, though, I'm looking forward to hitting the convention and come back in time to play at the library. I believe that makes our November meetup the cool San Marcos after-party for the big Dallas convention...


A Spooky October Meetup!

Posted by Chris Aylott

Halloween is coming, and what could be more horrifying than not playing board games? You can avoid this scary fate joining us for our October meetup at the San Marcos Public Library!

trick r treatThere's no need to go overboard on holiday theming, but it is a pretty good time for spooky games. I'll bring Trick 'r Treat and a couple of other appropriate titles, and I'm sure there are other games about zombies or houses on hills hiding in people's closets. This might be a great time to bring them out! (Anybody got a copy of Ghost Stories?)

The October meetup is at the usual 1:00 p.m. on Sunday the 27th. And don't forget that our next meetup is coming up in a few days on Sunday, September 22!