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Fuji Flush Adds New Twist to Numbers Games

Posted by Chris Aylott

fuji flush

There are hundreds of card games built around numbers. You match them in poker and crazy eights. You order them in trick-taking and ladder games. It's hard to imagine that there are any new twists on number card games left to be found -- and then a game like Fuji Flush comes along.


Is Evolution: Climate a Game Changer?

Posted by Chris Aylott

Evolution: Climate

Evolution has become a local staple. I've taught it to all kinds of players who love the mix of simplicity and strategy. But can Evolution: Climate create a more strategic "gamer's" experience without losing accessibility?


Vast is Fun But Oh That Learning Curve

Posted by Chris Aylott

Vast: the Crystal Caverns is one of those high-concept games that you really want to see work. It takes a hoary old theme -- dungeon crawls! -- and reinvigorates it with clever gameplay and visual designs. The question is: is Vast too clever for its own good?


Is Lanterns a Carcassonne Killer?

Posted by Chris Aylott

Lanterns has made a splash over the last year, earning plenty of great reviews and awards nominations. It's a "lay tiles for points" game that looks a lot like Carcassonne, but is Lanterns likely to dethrone that classic game?


Too Many Cinderellas Review

Posted by Chris Aylott

Our last library meetup was mostly spent with Mare Nostrum, but another game also made a short visit to the table. Can there be such a thing as Too Many Cinderellas


Mare Nostrum: Empires Review

Posted by Chris Aylott

Mare Nostrum is back! It took about a year from the initial Kickstarter announcement, but copies landed in backers hands this summer and we're played it our our June and July meetups. So how does the Academy Games edition of this grail game stand up?


Dominion Online Relaunches

Posted by Chris Aylott

Dominion Online has had a checkered history. First announced almost three years ago, the game went through delays, missed released dates, and a beta that can charitably described as troubled. Then a new publisher stepped in, and the game relaunched a few weeks ago in tablet and web version. So how is it looking now?


Splendor App is a Worthy Recreation

Posted by Chris Aylott


There's no question that Splendor is one of the most popular board games of the last year. But how does the official app adaptation from Days of Wonder hold up for board gamers?


Does “Evolution: Flight” Soar?

Posted by Chris Aylott

Evolution: Flight always had a hard task ahead of it. Like the birds it brings into Evolution, this expansion to the popular 2014 game from North Star Games had no margin for error.


Compounded Proves Chemistry Can Be Kid’s Stuff

Posted by Chris Aylott

My four-year-old sets off lab fires. Fortunately, it's only in the context of Compounded, a clever little chemistry game from Dice Hate Me Games.