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Learn Catan at Our Library Meetup!


Our next library meetup is this Sunday, September 19, and we're trying out something new. In addition to our usual open gaming, we're teaching a featured game: Catan!

For many gamers, Catan is the first hobby board game they've ever played. In its 20-plus years of existence, Catan's mix of trading, luck, and strategy has introduced millions of players to a larger world of fun.  It's a quick game and endlessly replayable, arguably a hobby all by itself.

In Catan, each player is building settlements and roads on an island. When it's your turn, you roll your dice and see who gets resources such as wood, brick or sheep. You build up sets of resources to buy stuff, and trading with other players gets you more stuff faster. The first player with 10 points of stuff wins!


We've been working with the San Marcos Public Library to encourage players who've heard of Catan to give the game a try. We'll have at least one game set up and ready to teach throughout the event, and some extra sets handy in case we get a crowd. Experienced players are welcome to come and join the fun too!

Our next library meetup is at 1 p.m. on Sunday, September 18. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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